PeaceandPlanting.garden has international intentions which are expressed in many forms on the Dot GARDEN website.


Any group of PeaceandPlanting volunteers is a working collective, creating peaceful demonstrations that work from observing peace activist work done by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Takaiya Blaney, Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu and many others.


MOST of these demonstrations are done as people FARM together, as we share food during any peaceful gatherings. Children need memories to guide their food choices and production for all our grandchildren in every country of the world. PEOPLE on EARTH TODAY compassion is our way!




Feed ALL children Educate ALL people to care for themselves and others.  WORLDWIDE, let’s begin with spending as little as

ONE MILLION $$$ of each Billion spent harming others.


This type of collective is APB <> ALL PARTICIPANTS BENEFIT.


All done in Xchg not ever even using these words — barter,  trade, counsel, consult, nor cooperative … especially in $$$ situations, as these are IRrSss taxable terms.


WORKLOG books can easily keep track of long term projects and benefits to members. Members comprise a club, with NO general meetings, NO fees, and even NO member lists! Each person’s hours are logged on each farm where they work. Each person volunteers in collective action, choosing and using their own time and money, thus there is no new TAXX liability.


While the concepts of Peace and Planting are being shared, all personal details and actions are held CONFIDENTIAL between the members present.  Choose from our variety of forms to structure your peace solutions. 


SONG link    May ALL be LOVED May ALL be healed…

                     May ALL there is be ALL you need.