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. Get MEDUCATED — medical re-education involving plants and minerals. See NEWS below for mineral info.

SOoooth your BODY without having to CHANGE YOUR MIND

nor lose your coordination like alcohol! It’s a TOPICAL !

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Fine molecule size of the OILS used in the INfusion process allows entry through skin plus needs no refrigeration. Easier to figure out dosages too. Consistent results with consistent ingredients.

Caution note: ALWAYS keep away from children Like any medicine, avoid internal use w/o doctors advice.

Please view both segments of the film: Part I how-to make it aka the process formula. part II applications.
ReLEAF TOPICAL Oil Infusion Process

SMOKING is mainly used for psychological adjustment….

very similar to way in which “TAPPING” works for pain relief.

TOPICALS actually fix /heal /sooth the body while the mind appreciates that feeling.



BLESSED WEED prayer poem 2008 feb15

NOTE this is a COPYRIGHT video process, posted March 21 2010. Free to use, NO COMMERCIAL USE xo*J

Many varietal strains unknown to “cloners” may soon be available post legal events. This is my 50th YEAR with Mary Jane. All provided is for educational purposes. Licenses are available to doctors, clinics and healing modality practicioners, but there is no “biz” here! *J


PS >>====> BODY & MIND POLISH process

Leaf is removed from oil after the ReLEAF INfusion process. By volume, combine SEA SALT and the oily leaf, pack into a tub and pour 1/4 cup any combination of fine quality oils over it. Easy way is half organic sesame (soaks into skin) and half organic OLIVE oil (coats skin, keeps moisture in body). Let sit at least a few weeks in dark cool place, this is called cold infusion. Thick coating oils will not work well, such  as canola, corn oil, peanut oil etc. Molecules are too large to enter skin surface. They don’t even DIGEST completely….which is what causes the “great brownie – KNOCKED ME RIGHT OUT ” events reported after using the leaf in butter / margarine process. Wouldn’t most people prefer to be awake with digestion working instead of “greasy spoon indigestion” and comatose / prolonged sleep / drugged feeling.

Use salt scrub techniques, loose open hands smoothly polishing the entire body with palms, not gripping with finger tips. Best to start with the back and elbows and backs of thighs where skin is thickest. Massaging is not the object, as massaging may make raw spots by removing more than two layers of skin cells. Best done standing on sheet of plastic or newspaper to avoid getting plant leaf material into bathtub drain. Allow oil/salt/leaf to stay on skin for 10-20 minutes. Wipe all leaf material off the body, then briefly rinse skin clean in mild warm water (no soap or cleansers). Wrap in warm towel, stay in warm room until waves of heartfelt loving delight calm down. Called Agape, Heart Flooding, GLOWING, Inverse Orgasm, Body & MIND POLISH ……. but by any name, the feelings resolve in your heart, not in lower body. Body and MIND POLISH may open memories of blissful moments in youth, however most sensations fade within a few hours. Your attitude may improve, and smiling may happen more often. Exterior use only, keep out of eyes, ears, etc.

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NEWS:Interview with Dr Aseem Sappal “Cannabis medicine and Politics”

Pot Smoking May help Lungs 

NEWS: salt-brined veggies and Oil INfusion of cannabis are the right hand and left hand of restoring HEALTH for YOURSELF! See Salt-brined veggie video

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BAD REGULATIONS, not GREAT IDEA to take away GUN RIGHTS for medical marijuana patients — Duh people –so anyone that knows you are a patient ALSO knows you are defenseless.??? NOT GREAT for anyone … but HORRIBLE for aged, seniors, disabled people!!!

Such regulations applied to ALL MARRIAGE licenses would be about as sensible, rather than just to those INDIVIDUALS who were violent.

TEACH NVC in schools, workplace, social media

THOUGHTS become THINGS soooo THINK of PEACE PLANS Read Plum Plans and CREATE “living rooms” EVERYWHERE…
add cannabis plants and get UV shielding for your family. See Pictures of greenhouses on Feed ALL children drop menu.