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Here’s an introductory plan* for FEED …. first written in 1988. People did not have cell phones in general use, and Food Stamps were PAPER MONEY printed at great expense and used ONCE. NOW we have sliding cards, eliminating the open discrimination against poor people. GOOD THING since so many have NO JOBS and struggle to feed their families!
NO FUNDS to NOT GROW and no funds creating any foods or processing not proven healthy.
Anyone may work on farms, and pay the cost of their food directly. Mandatory farm work is assigned to no-victim crime offenders rather than jail.
The savings of farm work vs no incarcerations will provide funding for housing those workers AND some farms can be located near giant prison facilities, feeding inmates, lowering costs and improving conditions.
Foods come in fresh or frozen or dried or vacuum sealed manner.  Each person has a card, as we are already numbered with social security numbers, and you have the right to have your needs met in a simple way, that will keep you a healthy member of society.   Water fountains outside every food establishment, and in 2016 we are ready for NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLE WATER SALES. REFILL your own recycled glass bottles!

Individual INCOME determines how much any individual pays for the food.  For example, a senior citizen living on under $7,000. a year, a disabled child, a Mom who had knee surgery with two kids….no cost.  If you have a small job that pays your rent and are looking for more work, $1. per meal…. just trying to show some approximations here.

However, full time employed persons might found it easier to use the WONDERFUL FULL MEALS, made with all wholesome ingredients. Then they could pay cost plus some fee based on use at the end of each tax year. See the great thing about eating well is YOUR BODY NOTICES and this feels better!  Your mind functions better with iron bonding oxygen onto red blood cells, from eating dark leafy greens.  The result is more function, with less difficulty.
A description of process and complete nutritional information of all food is available at a computer station in the store, in any language.  This is already available today in most food supplement aisles in healthy grocery stores. This same food analysis could be printed on a receipt available in restaurants by request.  Optional aspect for restaurants is they would serve the meals for mandatory tips and the card price on the Feed ALL People items.
Regarding education – it is always the first response to any problem.  So as each meal was prepared in stores or restaurants, in foster homes and senior care centers, a TEXT could be sent to local members giving the day’s menu, what was for dinner and WHY you should eat it instead of soft drinks and fries or canned foods with BPA contamination. Full disabled access for everyone!  Later on, after people knew how good the Broiled Fish on a bed of buttered millet with steamed collard greens and braised shallots and mushrooms tasted, begin a program like You Tube HOW to do it yourself daily Meal of the Day.  Let everyone talk about it and educate each other…. try each others recipes.  This would be a social services program, so no trolling would interfere with the food education and distribution process.
Within a year or two, there would be a lessening of medical costs from a healthier population.  PROVIDE the FOOD rather than give food stamps purchasing ability to under educated taxpayers, essentially a license to fund poor choices.  Cost reduction for the program would come in part by having fewer desk job workers deciding who can get how much food.  Feed ALL People, no arbitrary decision makers needed on a state -to- state basis.
Use the food stamp buying power to BUY IN BULK for all of us, and save us all a lot of grief.  FEED ALL People.
And then…this PROGRAM above could be ONE of the programs funded by this little gem below…

P4P  “PENNIES4Programs”

Pennies are RETIRED from USE everywhere by consenting corporations open 4 business in NoAmerica.  The accounting stays the same. However, each penny owed to the corporation is donated to approved “Programs”  and the corp gets credit for charitable donations.  Each store may offer some merchandise to encourage all customers to cooperate by offering some items “ON Sale ONLY for P4P participating customers”.
Pennies or “cents” owed to any customer are ALSO donated to approved “Programs.”  Any customer wanting to participate in this program, can receive a tax deductible slip from the merchandiser if their purchases accrued “cents due” over any designated amount set by the merchandiser. Public signage and multilingual ads telling about PENNIES4Programs also gets corporations tax deductions. So basically, no one would notice any difference except PROGRAMS would get funded and there would be less fumbling at the checkout stands.  Fewer personal interactions clerks are needed when all languages are facilitated for each region. Individual receipts would be accounted by the businesses and could be applied to your taxes, or people could save as usual for their own accounting.
This system can be used anywhere and programs to be benefited given their allotments by PUBLIC VOTING.  Example:  Do we, the voters, want California’s tax money to be spent on the work of this organization?  How ever many voters approve, that gives the proportions and allocations of money collected for all programs in the P4P.  Keeps it all local, but is ALL reportable on federal programs.  So states, counties and humans need do no begging governments for funding, and “non”profit organizations do not have to waste funding on writing or seeking grants or holding board meetings in competition with other such organizations. More funds could then be used properly for the mission statement of the “non” profit.
As each program comes on line for that voting period, a notice could be digitalized to our FEED ALL cards. Larger corporation could host access to a “voting booth” maintained by the corporation for accounting its records.  For example, total votes for the FEED ALL People program, or any other program, give the proportions and allocations of the pennies collected. Keeps it all local, no begging any government for funding, creating beggar mentality in low income people.   This is a form of “Direct Democracy” and also benefits charitable organizations because again there is no need to waste funding on writing or seeking grants in competition, nor office salaries, just do the work!

Presently in my dreams, but as our dearly departed John Lennon said “You may say that I’m a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”
What you think now really matters….and what matters most is what YOU DO! let’s talk!

ALL HEIRLOOM OPEN POLLINATED SEEEDS used, by everyone. ANYTHING else is NOT FOOD by definition since gardening began.
By definition GM0oo is NOT sustainable, does NOT provide seed for farmers, therefore NON-ECONOMIC aka very costly of important resources. All fertilizers used must have CLean Environmental Impact Ratings aka CLEIR in the vicinity being used.

Feed ALL children* for ONE MILLION $$$ of each Billion spent harming others!  Read more under Feed ALL children.

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