OUR GOAL = Seventh Generation has GOOD GENETICS

   signed:>  future grandparents of Turtle Island

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PeaceandPlanting D0T GARDEN dec15Feed ALL Children red n Blk
Feed ALL children worldwide for ONE MILLION $$$ per each BILLION spent on WAR.


Feed ALL children Educate ALL people to care for others
Our RIGHT is to establish ideal human habitat;
our DUTY for 7 generations.


Gather in fields: the congregation.
Plant seeds: the ceremony.
PRAY during the growing/watering.
Share WORLDWIDE: the communion.

ALL kept as PUBLIC BENEFIT controlled only by real HUMANS, feed ALL children.

MAKING IT HAPPEN LOCALLY in your NoAmerica neighborhood. PLEASE use your own ideas to do this any way you can in any group in any neighborhood, in any language. PLEASE…. remember EVERYBODY SMILES in the SAME LANGUAGE. Cookies speak to children and the fact that every child gets some will really make things feel better for us all.

Thought this local action peace plan might be at the heart of our prayers….
we could rent commercial kitchens, often church kitchens would work well, and make wonderful BREAKFAST in YOUR POCKET cookies FOOD Breakfast bars
and donated organic milk for school children. OR any commercial kitchen or restaurant could decide to make the cookies and be a distribution center. This would really attract more people to the restaurant knowing they’d have breakfast for the children. ART needed for the COOKIE STICKERS for distribution centers. Ask child artists to draw single round cookies with raisins and sesame and almonds and more GOOD things in them!

Friday night we use a community kitchen to make WHOLE GRAIN PIZZA with ten vegetables and mushrooms.
Salad bar too, all organic fresh! NO MOVIE NIGHTS — instead there are ten tables with crafts and skills mentors sitting there to help the YOUTH.
A great fisherman, a basket maker, leather worker, food preservation teacher and other useful survival skills teachers /life guides. Tradesmen showing how to use hand tools, plumbers explaining their trade and why you get a lot of work. Electricians fixing lamps. Bring your small lamps for repair! Learn how to fix things. Recycling information and plans for local gardens

FOOD Sweet Potato Pie oh my dec 2014 FOOD Sticky buns pumpkin seeds may14FOOD raised rolls slider size may14FOOD FRY BREAD May 2013FOOD gingerbread w coconut top apr15FOOD 3 poached eggs on pancake w Peach JamFood fresh salted kimchi apr15RED FERMENTFOOD Oatmeal Rasin FIG Bars pkgFood ALMOND LOGGIES need 3 more minutes cooking
Create”living rooms” everywhere! see GREENHOUSE 2020 below….cost $500 with local rough cut lumber & online 10mil reinforced cover!

First pix is the FRAME over top of the old “carport” style greenhouse. NOTE WHITE Preying Mantis directly below.

GREENHOSE 2020 FRAME UP old metal under 2013GREENHOUSE 2020 East ROOF detail 2014 GREENHOUSE2020 Made in shade May14 ALL NATIONS Flag behind Figgy may14  GREENHOUSE 2020 Peachy keen on rt Mar15 GREENHOUSE 2020 from EAST nov14 GREENHOUSE 2020 Figgy, RIPENING may14Greenhouse 2020 Preying Mantis WHITE late oct13

PS BEE REAL — get a hive going with somebody anywhere!
BEE ProACTIVE aka benefit the 7 generations in all you do!

A VISION of CULTURAL INTERACTION in future generations… like a Maypole dance, only different.

4x facing each direction, by whole group, each
standing separately, shouting style!
Sung more gently, slower, while circling two ways, facing each other and saying our blessings,
asking blessings, loving until everyone has seen each other and then the circling dissolves into social ceremony.
many offered short poems and spirited songs …
Rivers and trees
Clear air and peaches
Grasses so green
Clouds and beaches…..and your loves???

This is the “theme song” of the Feed ALL programs
Who comforts you Dedicated to everyone everywhere

Ohhh I don’t wanna be ….”PC” ….POLITICALLY CORRECT !

I don’t wanna be the one to tell you what
you coulda …shoulda… woulda… OUGHT – A done !

I just wanna be … the one….
the one who comforts you….

the one who holds your hand,
who says I understand….
times have been tough
you didn’t get enough
that war is TOUGH —fffffffffff!!!!

but I don’t wanna be the one to tell you what to do….
how to run your life
how to end your strife
how to be with your wife

I just wanna be … the one….
the one who comforts you….

who says I’ll lend a hand
who gives food to your land
who helps connect your plans

No…. I don’t wanna be ….”PC” ….POLITICALLY CORRECT !

I don’t wanna be the one to tell you what
you coulda …shoulda… woulda… OUGHT – A done !

I just wanna be … the one….
the one who comforts you….
Who comforts you, comforts you…. uh – huh …..

Stella Jane
Note: My copyright lets YOU use the songs
and prevents others from copyrighting my work….
which would prevent ME from using it! *J