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People with children who need to garden will be delighted to know about Peace and Planting outreach. Although anyone could start doing this work anywhere in the world, volunteers here in Jackson County Oregon are seeking land for collective action food production for families with children private use. We also could organize at any time a commercial kitchen became available and produce BREAKFAST in YOUR POCKET cookies.

Little child person, black or white
Likes to know their world is right
Little child person, red or yellow
Likes to have it feeling mellow!

Little child person, no one can see
Who you’ll grow up to be! A song, or nursery rhyme, written for my first daughter

With this whole world view of feeding children, it becomes EASIER to SEE what we can do on a local level. No ONE area or plan or country can do this, but IT CAN BE DONE.
Contact PandP to get involved and/or find the land! This is the first time in 40 years there is no land for me to plant.

  • Elk Head Drum
    Elk Head Drum
  • Fans Wings and Rattle
    Fans Wings and Rattle
  • Red Ferment
    Red Ferment
  • Rawhide Rattles
    Rawhide Rattles
  • Rainbow Jars and Peach Jam
    Rainbow Jars and Peach Jam
  • Food Breakfast Bars
    Food Breakfast Bars
  • Drums
  • Beaded Egg
    Beaded Egg