LICENSING for ReLEAF Topical OIL INfusion
COPYRIGHT text 2005 – 2016 ongoing
Video process formula online over 5 years on You Tube.
WHY cannabis sellers might want a LICENSE for ReLEAF Topical Oil INfusion

Everyone has smoked something. No One has experienced Body & MIND POLISH!

MANY MANY of YOU my dear and very diverse friends and relatives—->>
would LOVE this…. made from the leaf when ReLEAFing ….He he he …. Here is one of the descriptions of the FEELING of the salt scrub, which is made from ReLEAF topical oil infusion.
It gives your body a strong sensation of pleasure, like eating a really excellent meal. It doesn’t change your mind or time perceptions. But your body is very interested in the FEELINGS! HEART GLOW – universal love – Transparency are some other descriptions.

Truth is, when you salt scrub, aka “Body & MIND Polish”, using the ReLEAF topical oil, it is like having an Inverse Orgasm from the SKIN IN TOWARDS the HEART, rather than from the genitals outward. It settles in the HEART, in a warm loving universal glow. It’s very exciting and electrical! But humans will have varied feelings as always.

SOoooth your BODY without having to CHANGE YOUR MIND
nor lose your coordination like alcohol!
THAT is true for the plain oil topically applied to knees or lower back, etc. You just feel better, and your body appreciates that.

But when you body polish, you can walk and talk but most people just sit there wrapped in their towel. Most don’t even want to smoke, even though the mind is clear, because their attention is internal. Best to do this in afternoon and plan other things next morning. All statements above and videos below intended for educational purposes. There are no products for sale through this licensing agreement. March 2016
Please watch both segments of the film….Part I and II to understand the- Simple Crock Pot System.

Note Adjustments to RELEAF OIL INfusionĀ© recipe: 


4 ounces AVACADO OIL


All Cannabis Works.

Stella Jane

PS Other reasons why to LICENSE: Allow some trusted employees to try this in a private party. Let their opinions be your guide. OR: run a video screen in the waiting room with the links above presenting the IDEA on a posting board in the outer room of the dispensary for people to comment anonymously on notes into a lock box is another way.
Everyone has smoked something. No One has experienced Body & MIND POLISH!
It is seriously re-creational IMO. Licenses will be discounted for the second year if the cannabis seller has a license and produces a good video about ReLEAF Topical Oil INfusion Body Polish Application.
Another film that needs to be done is “BEDDA Than BUDDA” which process formula has poster boards and old video footage from cannabis cooking classes taught in 2007 before we had cannabis teaching online.