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Own less than 2% of land, thus have only a small percent of the true power of life to be able to raise humans in peace and teach them how to repeat the process of healthy life. Freedom to do that is called reproductive life, which is our birthright as individuals.   World wide, our food ceremonies in religious practices remind us of that religious freedom: To be born, and tp be fed.




Have less access to REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM that the ABSOLUTE ACCESS NEEDED to prevent over population on earth.

No woman should be denied right to use a sheet of latex to avoid disease or pregnancy.   Neither must chemical contamination of water continue, via hormone excretion, causing toxins to hurt men and women adults by estrogen overdoses and other forms of CHEMICAL RAPE perpetrated via water contamination by non-human entities.   Corporations express their personhood in chemical rape. Because of changes in how and where the reports are disclosed by the Center for Disease control, it seems that gay men “caused AIDS” when the real facts are women die uncounted. More information: www.GreatBarriers4.us

More WOMEN dead from AIDS than Men from WAR 1984 – 2014 RIP



Are the ones who must say HOW we prevent population increase on earth. HOW we do things is called ETHICS. NO LAW, especially made by MEN from OTHER RELIGIONS, can preside over the rights of any woman regardless of her chosen religion or practices. Chemicals known to harm humans are CHEMICAL RAPE…. aka violent non-consensual touch of human being insides.


WHY do the “right” women never notice “their” men in THEIR religion are thinking about what those women are doing with their PRIVATES in some other RELIGION??? Really now…. that is the men being unfaithful to their own women AND untrue to their own religion….. unless that is in their Bible?     LOL NOT – LOL NOT – LOL NOT

IN-IN-INappropriate!!!! Meps meps meps

Didn’t Roseanne Roseannadana say:

“WHY do they call them PRIVATES if it is everyone ELSE’s BUSINESS ?”



See social problems like abortion issues where some people want to control OTHER PEOPLES lives, through sex, power over not power WITH, along racial lines, along economic lines, by politics !

Then /always /NOW — >>>EDUCATION is the answer!

MANY people ARE informed, especially fertile women who want to sanely protect themselves from internal damage due to birth control hormones. NO educated person WANTS to be PREGNANT right now once aware of GMO corrupted food substitutes, gene damaging radiation, controlling clergy, nasty politicians, no steady jobs and then add in climate change! Read COVVHA.org = Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance = if anyone doubts what damage is THERE already!



Get many diseases 20% – 200% easier than men. Because women are more absorbent than men, and we re-create other humans, it is very important for food to be pure…. worldwide. WE are the ancestors whose health determines the life and health of seven generations.




Our Government & MANY private individuals funded Big pHARMA to CURE AIDS. Much money was spent on research but NOT TESTED on WOMEN! NO medicines were tested on women for about ten years of copious input of funds. Please create cultural breakthroughs about the red-taped GREAT BARRIER Brief system in news, on every media channel, tweets , television, social media, dating sites, public service announcements etc.

The GREAT BARRIER Brief holds a sheet of latex between a woman and her partner during sex. FDA refused to issue what was called a 510K allowing any product to be brought to market that is “substantially the same as” and/or “has the same use as” products already on the market. HOWEVER

NOTE: Latex between humans is abundantly documented.

De-regulation of all barrier methods is essential.

DE-Regulate Prevention Barrier Methods

Due to FDA / NIH /pharmaceutical regulations, a group of barrier method latex devices have been unused in the fight against AIDS, STD’s and also unwanted conception. There are still no barrier methods available for herpes and genital warts, which happen OUTSIDE the area covered by male condoms.

One of these latex barriers got a National Institute of Health grant during Clinton administration, and completed a clinical trial. Then the Buush admin issued the GAG rule, and we are still “gaggged” today.

This panty condom is both contraceptive and a prophylactic /disease preventive. This situation must be clear to media and public alike!

No media in the USA including NY Times Washington Post SF Chronicle have said a word about this, though all been asked to address this situation numerous times since 1984. Most media have advertising contracts with Big pHARMA corpse-porations that prohibit bad press…. thus no articles about womens needs, unmet! It would be bad for BUSINESS.


The plan is to organize licensed collectives worldwide run by trained volunteers. The volunteers would be given latex barriers for their own use and to give away or sell for no more than 2% MARKUP or two PENNYs per barrier over costs. So each ordinary person volunteering becomes a self-designated distributor. Any collective licensed and using the manufacturing standards could ship worldwide. No corporations would be licensed to avoid profit making in reproductive health worldwide by NON-HUMAN entities. Sponsored /lowered costs would help lower birth rates worldwide.



THINK the WAR on WOMEN hasn’t killed too many ???

Our Government & MANY private individuals funded Big pHARMA to CURE AIDS. Much money was spent on research but NOT TESTED on WOMEN! NO medicines were tested on women for about ten years of copious input of funds.

More WOMEN died from AIDS than Men in WAR        1984-2014 RIP*** see below re: reporting.


Basic facts:   Women still have NO PROTECTION beyond talking men into male condoms, so…. once people know about this coverup, talk about a BRIDGE SCANDAL???? We organize and create licensed COLLECTIVES and make our protections ourselves. There’s REARGUARD Anal latex/silicone protection too but no online info available.


FACTS today: Men have no options, women have no protection. Talk about this. Tell each other.

and then ? We make them OURSELVES and we share them with those we love. No corporate mark-up on our privates….. latex is 4th MOST RENEWABLE RESOURCE on GAIA our living earth.

SEE the GREAT BARRIER Brief red-taped, regulation raped, hidden in plain site (sic)   >>~~~>>



It got a National Institute of HEALTH GRANT during Clinton Administration. Then BUSH administration issued the GAG RULE on day ONE of the reign of repugs and millions of women died around the world.

EVERYONE deserves protection. We give latex protection to those we love. No corporate licenses to manufacture will be issued, to avoid others making profits from women /sex!!!

No more corporate mark-up on our private lives!!!


*** NIH STATISTICS are predicated on WHO SURVIVES with CERTAIN MEDICATIONS in a CLINCIAL STUDY. THEREFORE it’s nearly impossible to tell how many women had it and died, uncounted nor how many children in California schools with no mother. Women get all STD 20 to 200 times easier than men

PS Re: reporting — MEDIA and RESEARCH persons: Please contact me if you don’t understand that the centre 4 dis-ease OBSERVATION does not control disease. The reporting changed, so no actual women’s deaths are reported UNLESS they are using some HIV medicine IN a STUDY. So the statistics look like “GAY MEN” caused this problem, fueling haters everyday, and the women continue to die….. uncounted.

PLEASE help get this to women everywhere…. If you can form /fund a collective to manufacture these, you can get help with the license to begin. Each person chooses their own level of participation. Example: A real estate agent rents an old dental laboratory, and a builder remodels it for required Good Manufacturing standards.   Their good deeds for the community serve as marketing for their own enterprises, with a notice posted on the building as the community organizes around the collective efforts. Any concerned citizens purchase equipment and donate supplies, while some people use their volunteer status to provide prevention education and contraception. Each volunteer becomes a self-directed distributor of education and prevention. Mark-up is 2% MAXIMUM.

WHO CAN HELP do this in No AMERICA?? on other continents? Hablan Espanol, si!

WOMEN On EARTH TODAY need to know that they can begin making protection themselves! VERY LOW disease and unplanned pregnancy when used. MAKE it LOCAL, use it local.


Invented in 1984 — Let’s manufacture in 2014 !

NOW maybe we all see this perfect example of the Permaculture principle: The PROBLEM is the SOLUTION……!

What caused the problem? Political power/corporate greed

Without the PROBLEM, what IS THERE is the solution!

practical private local-made /homemade protection

Invented in 1984 — Let’s manufacture in 2014 !

   Oh…. well we missed THAT date….



If you are reading this document, please share it with all women, clubs, groups, and get it into articles, take copies to the library, post on local bulletin boards and to your private blogs….think up new ways to CRACK the LIES so truth and light will shine through. Let’s do it OURSELVES!

Thanks from the seven generations!


NOTE: Latex is 4th most renewable substance in the world. Everyone should have access to it and it biodegrades easily.

Modern latex MUCH less allergic, and we can use other substances once hemp plastics are available.


The GREAT BARRIER Brief holds a sheet of latex held between a woman and her partner during sex. FDA refused to issue what was called a 510K allowing any product to be brought to market that is “substantially the same as” and/or “has the same use as” products already on the market.


NOTE: Latex between humans having sex is abundantly documented daily!

De-regulation of all barrier methods is essential.


Great Barrier Brief for women is also described online as built to fit the inside of a woman, not the outside of a man.   WHERE is it NOW? Nowhere when everyone should have access!

EVERYONE deserves protection. No corporate licenses to manufacture will be issued, to avoid others making profits from women and sex!!!

No more corporate mark-up on our private lives!!!

*** NIH STATISTICS ARE PREDICATED ON WHO SURVIVES WITH CERTAIN MEDICATIONS. THEREFORE it’s nearly impossible to tell how many women had it and died, uncounted.



VOTE for PEACE worldwide. We are more than 52% of all humans. WOMEN commit less than 2% of all violent crimes. The vast majority of other crimes we commit are related directly to getting good food and healthy lives for our children. At least HALF the men are good father providers…. So this means that 75% of people want PEACE and PLANTING on earth. WHY are those violent games shown to our children?? It should be illegal and is certainly developmentally inappropriate for children to see those highly conditioning movies with shooting guns. It’s expensive and the kids need organic food, not plastic toys. The best human developmental arena is garden and farm animals and learning to eat what is grown from your own yard.

BUT women own only 2% of land worldwide, so ???? WHAT NOW?



Have great resolve and intention when given any help, which is documented by micro-lending.   A micro grant provided this information to WOMEN on EARTH TODAY.

WOMEN on EARTH TODAY: There are many dozens of Dot Org and “Non-Profit ORGANIZATIONS” for “women” worldwide but FIND OUT what their PIE CHARTS for EXPENSES show at the year end … what percentage of funds actually GOES to WOMEN? Where and HOW? WORK LOCALLY, Don’t give money to a corporation, without knowing the real facts. Share directly is far better! Give it to children locally! If you have larger amounts, then form a NO$$$ collective.



Use these organizational forms to share at many levels worldwide.

CSAP — Community Supported Agricultural PRODUCTION

PLUM — Permaculture LAND USE Management plans

Everyone using OUR PLANETARY FOOD SYSTEM is aware that we need MORE and better food. Almost no one realizes the implications from use of rabbits instead of a portion of the USA cattle; 6-1 proportions could feed the world’s children, and multiply the quantity and quality of our gardens worldwide. at no extra cost! This is particularly productive in container gardens and under diffuse light canopy. Economic benefits are HUGE savings in time, labor and machinery + Needs NO antibiotics 25 yrs study of Satin Rabbits!

HOW to RAISE: www.PermacultureActivist.net/articles/rabbits

               Feed ALL Children, Educate ALL People

WOMEN on EARTH TODAY   Get out the VOTE – Register today!

Generate this system wherever you are:


WE the COOKS are the NRI & we VOTE !!

Publish articles, give out flyers / links and then give actual public DEMONSTRATIONS of great foods, then announce the worst foods publicly and warn people not to eat them. Encourage garden clubs! Contributions can fund a variety of social programs that do education, which is unilateral, available to all and age appropriate.



Show this document to every man you care about if you plan to have children of your own or NOT. It’s about all of us sharing the responsibility for human children worldwide. Create innovative ways to teach non-violent communication. Links NVC



Are replanting the earth….. JOIN TreeSisters d0t 0rg

TREES have soil/roots with unseen activities.

Contemplative Standing Vibrations exist in nature.

Our right is to establish ideal human habitat.



Could host virtual cafes, talk lines, or local “pledge pages” online where singles can express their intentions for the seven generations. Far better strategy than WHO LIKES SEX? dating sites for choosing one’s reproductive partners. All who care spend time providing information so all children will have two involved parents.


Help their friends with children, in some regular way like story reading every Wednesday night while a single parent takes a class or goes to the laundry. Use open adoption or personally foster care extra young people if you can do it, and get other adults help when you need it.



Based on the information above, please create your LOCAL


Reporting membership worldwide log the greatest hours of work time worldwide, as MOTHER WORKERS are the largest of any union, and have the most work available at all times. You can always get a job. Our collective experience shows our survival rates go way up when we have ideal human habitat.


Industries are initiated by local groups on behalf of unborn children seven generations in the future. Work is done by volunteers, and the products are exchanged locally for life support needs, esp food and housing. There is no actual currency used in this type of exchange. Service volunteers are protected by a worldwide standard of humanitarian hours and work hours are fair traded worldwide, including food housing and body care.

We all had mothers. Women generate life.


UNION of MOTHER WORKERS is central to Peace n Planting worldwide educational outreach. All people may share the information as they choose. Any group that follows the way may use the name. UNION of MOTHER WORKERS is a NO$$$ organization. That means the collective has NO MONEY, NO CASH, no cards, no bank accounts!

There are NO DUES, no membership lists, no invasions of privacy or personal data collection. All who support MOTHERS may join. We all had a MOTHER….some of us blest by dozens of women who mother us when we need it.

Only the people working in local agreements hold money — their own! They decide as a group what projects they want to do, and each individual decides how their own participation will fit in. Create entry polls to determine what the local volunteer needs and interests are, rather than $$$ based speakers who may dominate but not actually express the interests of all the volunteers.


PRAYER is the INTENTION to PAY ATTENTION to a blessing being sent. It can be sent from one mind but ALL WOMEN instinctively know/feel each other. Because PRAYER is a strong way to communicate, the UNION of MOTHER WORKERS prayer network exists now. About half the MEN relate to life from the same viewpoint and are heart connected and fully supportive of family life. MEN are POLLEN who create life with their attention to their family and community. Women generate a CoJOINed electrical field above the stratosphere and thus are in touch network worldwide. UNION of MOTHER WORKERS prayer network facilitates fair trade for all women supporters worldwide to raise the seventh generation with food clothing and shelter.



JOIN EACH OTHER for a LIFETIME COMMITMENT —                        
Feed ALL Children Educate ALL People                                                                                                  
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