7 Things To Do When..

Keep a copy of this INSIDE YOUR MEDICINE CABINET …when I am sicccck, that’s when I donnnnn’t remember these things either!
SEVEN things to do if you even THINK you’re getting sick….
used to be 5 things but lately people say doctor’s won’t tell you these things but truth is they can’t tell you because their education does not provide these learning experiences.

First: Do saline nose and throat washes.
If you like NETI POTS, buy one online or at health food store. Or use blue rubber bulb syringe. I use “NutriBiotic Nasal Spray” in a spray bottle wherever GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract is sold, because it is portable, and has the CORRECT PROPORTION of SALINE which is: ONE TEASPOON sea salt to ONE QUART of water, or 1/4 teaspoon to one CUP of water. If you don’t like PLASTIC, some people put a pinch of salt on their palm and jump in the shower and snuff water up
off their palms.Rest In Peace ElAine 2013-02-23 (06.18.55-993 AM)
So whatever WAY you want to do it, basic human instinct is NOT TO get water up nose, BUT this works when everything else does not. Restored my hearing first time I ever did it after two months in a house with BASEBOARD HEATERS aka bins full of virus bacteria & mold located on floor. Cleanest source of electric heat is the oil radiators but they are SO expensive and inefficient. I have one in living room to keep house at 50 degrees and run woodburner when it is cold. THAT dries everything, but best heat in home is a rocket mass heater which can have a clay heater couch as part of it.
Gargle and spray into your nose. Blow gently. Repeat 5 times a day. This is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE because germs congregate in the sinus and the throat.

Second: Make Echinacea tea or use a tincture (alcohol base) and then put recommended number of drops into 1/4 cup warm water and drink it. This is for building the immune system.
Repeat 2 – 3 times a day for up to 5 days. TEA is recommended as NO form of alcohol is good for skin, inside nor outside. Kills skin cells on contact. Other great teas are “THROAT COAT” by Traditional Medicinal Teas, and “Breathe Easy” for congestion.

Third: March 2016
TRULY NATURAL Vitamin C from Health Force Superfoods
VEGAN non-nightshade Pure Acerola berry source of Vitamin C
1-800-357 2717 Posted with permission.
Only use this above unless you know where your “product” sources the vitamin C it is claiming.
May 17 2016 read online vitamin C largely derived from CORN. So when we take a daily dose to a megadose of vitamin C we are eating refined conventionally grown likely Gmm0oo corn. I always had stomach burn from this, and would stop taking it previously. No wonder!

This is the Previous Text::::>>> Do high doses of vitamin C time release is best. This DOES NOT APPLY ANY MORE. Further research needed than can be done at present.
Recommended daily dosage WAS not over 1,000 per day, now is 500 mg daily so you can INCREASE when you are getting sick. EAT FRUIT too, you get better absorption from the tablets that way. Also there are high anti-oxident teas with blueberry and others. Even if one avoids sweeteners, a half teaspoon of honey to sweeten it often gets the person to TAKE it all, and honey soothes the throat. HONEY
has anti-biotic properties but a little is plenty.

In past, I said: This stuff is VERY POWERFUL and never use it straight on any part of the body*** and no use in mucus membranes or eyes, ever. Well, there is a lot of NEWS about GSE, Tea Tree Oil and Oil of Oregano. Internal use GSE: Put 1/4 cup warm water in a cup. Add 15 – 20 drops then stir very well as it sits on the bottom, and swallow QUICKLY, as it is very bitter but once your body has it, it will get easier and easier to take it…1 – 3 times a day, for as long as you want, but I just take it till I’m not feeling bad. Great for any kind of bloated or food poison feeling. You might want a glass of water or juice ready for after.
OR TAKE CAPSULES available in supplement section of markets. Dozens of other uses, read package. Does not spoil. $10. + it lasts for YEARS.
***2011 UPDATE NEWS News about GSE!
Sept 2014 update. After bathing feet and clipping toenails, Apply one or more drops of GSA directly on toenails. This smothers the fungus. Take OIL of OREGANO internally and watch your toenails grow back to normal….takes over ONE YEAR for big toenail…. but NOTE WELL:::::>>>
NEVER TAKE Oil of OREGANO for more than 2 weeks at a time. Read warning labels on organic products. You will also help rid yourself of athletes foot if you use Nutri-Biotics Tea Tree Oil & GSE BODY POWDER in your shoes. As far as I can tell GSE can eliminate all symptoms of toenail fungus which hurts many peoples feet. When feet are clean and nails cut back, place 1-5 drops on each nail. Rub into cracks with an orange stick or blunt end of bamboo skewer
or your finger tips. Remember to wash hands well afterwards as getting it into eyes is painful. Leave feet uncovered 20 minutes to absorb. or Wear thin cotton socks to bed.
Sept 2017 NOW there is a Nutri-Biotics EAR DROPS! What a
relief for itchy scaly ears and scalp psoriasis. Nutri-Biotic Wound Spray. AND another new product is a cleanser…. note it looks like a little bottle of GSE…. but says NOT for INTERNAL USE.

Fifth: Use the “old wives’cure” = CHICKEN SOUP
Best is to buy a whole chicken (cheaper by the pound) and MUST have the skin on. Put in a large steel pot and bring to a boil with a bay leaf and some end of onion. Turn down to simmer (slow boil still making tiny bubbles) for one hour. CROCK POT USERS: use low temp setting for about 4 hours. BONES are loose when cooked long enough.
Add any vegetables an hour or less before the finished time or the vegetables become overcooked. Add chopped onion, celery, carrots, Peeled turnips, kohlrabi, rutabaga. THE FAT on top is the medicine. Fat encapsulates bacteria and prevents it from multiplying. Flavor with parsley, poultry seasoning and optional add a teaspoon of tumeric also. Sea salt only, Black pepper if desired but should be organic freshly ground as old peppercorns can have aflotoxins. Eat your favorite seaweed along with chicken soup but boiling it does not help the soup consistency IMO.
Optional; Add Garbanzo Miso to soup when served.

Sixth: Learn to make SALT-BRINED Vegetables and EAT this OFTEN
It’s basically a fancy super-MINERALIZED sauerkraut.
Balances your digestion and makes bloat disappear. PROBIOTICS are the opposite of ANTIBIOTICS.
ANTIBIOTICS kill the good bacteria, etc in the body while they are killing the bad stuff. If you add in more GOOD STUFF, that gains control aka creates balance in the digestive tract without endangering your health.

TEXT Recipe directions below.
VIDEO short: SCROLL down this page to:
DIGESTION Beer Bellies POT bellies and Nightshades.
Ways to teach this to your body are below the recipe.
Note on the video — I dont put seaweeds IN the salt-brines anymore. Does not work well in some temperatures and everything gets slimy.
No kitchen to make veggies?? Take a probiotic tablet every day…ask in cold storage at health food store.
When salt-brined veggies taste strong and become less crisp (in a month for me) then warm up rice or pasta and stir fry it in for the last two minutes. Add a sprinkle of soy sauce and a pinch of sugar for a lovely sweet and sour veggies effect…yum with jasmine or brown rice.

Seventh: Rest and STAY HOME. Blow nose in private, or away from others. Just because you are sick doesn’t mean you can’t CATCH SOMETHING NEW while you are out. And of course, avoid spreading it to others. Do not hug or touch hands with people or food serving things. Ask someone else to make your plate at community events…..aka Prevention! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Other common sense observations below on topics:
DIGESTION: Beer Bellies, POT Bellies and Nightshades
Environment adjustments to observe/correct NOT MENTIONED above are:
IF you have a furnace or central air conditioner/heater, CHECK the filters, change before you move in, then every month if you are still having problems. Buy them at hardware. Remove one from your house, and take it with you in bag, WEAR A MASK when you investigate!
CLEAN your REFRIGERATOR THOROUGHLY EVERY MONTH. Don’t smell the moldy jars! Maybe wear a mask!
Wash all jars of “kept” foods like mustards and pickles in soapy water, rinse and dry before replacing. Plan to remove
all cooked foods/salads/fruit on day three – 7 maximum from date being put in frig. No one eats it? Give to chickens or dog. Dogs 400X stomach acid than humans.
Visible mold? Remove from house immediately.
Double bag and place in trash outside OR bury the food in earth if suitable for this. NO citrus in compost, takes years to degrade and molds a lot!
More on having an unmoldy existence ~~>
BLEACH substitute that does not damage surfaces!
Spray on windowsills that look dark or black = MOLD. Wipe with toilet paper. DRop into TOILET not wastebasket or it will dry n still form mold spores. THEN clean windows. Respray with Cleanwell and let dry. Single pane windows can stay mold free for months. Re-test every few weeks.
ON ANY SURFACE: Coolers, frig, animals feed dishes washed in cold water, then disinfect once a week.
A cheaper way than ozone –>spray peroxide into the air and on any damp fabric surfaces. Let dry, repeat as needed. Spray windows, wipe down with paper towels. Bag & discard. Use gloves! Peroxide may change color of abrics. Use same procedure but use CLEANWELL Botanical Disinfectant.
Use Himalayan salt lamps, 24/7 and bulbs will last longer. Cover with w/ loose dark cloth at night if you wish. No heat tiny bulb is way inside the lump of salt. I do cover or turn it off as light at night interrupts melatonin production.
TOOTHCARE Update ~~> Glycerine is not best for teeth, keeps them TOO CLEAN so good bacteria cannot heal cavities. Now there are NO TOOTH products I can use…flouride, glycerine, neem & myrrh = nightshades!!!
Use 1/4 teaspoon of this TOOTHBRUSH OILER . Swish vigorously when liquid aka oil pulling /forcing but spit into compost or toilet paper, NOT down drains as coconut solid when cool and could clog drains. GREAT part about TOOTHBRUSH OILER is sinks and mirrors stay cleaner, MUCH LESS water use! USE ONE Tablespoon of Coconut Cream ** mixed with one teaspoon HIMILAYAN PINK SALT or any Seasalt, NEVER table salt. **WHOLE SPUN COCONUTS, NO FAT REMOVED. Best source is online TROPICAL TRADITIONS. Many healthy products including CARROTT HAIR OIL great for oil treatments.

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Free to use, but print copies must keep copyright notice = copyleft free to use.
PS This is PERSONAL EXPERIENCE recorded /sent by request. None of this is intended to be or replace your physician’s professional care and advice. If you do take chemical antibiotics, then please consider eating probiotic foods or tablets during and afterwards.

Below a copyleft of Aunties Everything salve, a NON-PETROLEUM based topical salve. Herbs used carry antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties.
This is a non-petroleum base using Spectrum natural oils, and infused with herbs noted for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral qualities. Many herbalists help teach everyone to make simple tinctures and salves.
While I am a family farmer and not an herbalist, learning to make my own salves was very empowering. You can make it yourself but gathering all the ingredients is a bit pricey!
*****NEVER use in mucus membranes or internally.
KEEP Away from eyes. Use tiny amount .*****
Begin with the fine oils, by mixing sesame 6 oz and avocado 3oz (older recipe had almond oil, removed now so people who are NUT allergic can use this salve.)
Warm to just hot to fingertip, never bubble or boiling.
Add small chunks ½ teaspoon size or smaller of good clean beeswax and when melted, drop 1/4 tsp onto a plate and let cool. Feel the balm, if it is too thin, add more chunks of beeswax. Then test again until it seems right. One thing I observe is how much does it melt in five seconds on my hand. “No dripping” can be achieved by a small bit more beeswax. Too stiff can be corrected by a teaspoon more oil.

Using a bamboo stick, stir after each addition.
Echinacea Goldenseal Compound — Herb Pharm ….source
Calendula Oil — cold infused INESSENSE company
(I cold infuse 6 months w/dried leaves from my garden. Easy to grow, often some come back each year.)
Spilanthes aka Toothache plant, used for foot salves, known for antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties — origin India, Spilanthes Calva has innumerable medicinal properties and thus it finds its use on a daily basis.)

Add 1 tsp goldenseal powder finely ground
Add 1 tsp GSE grapefruit seed extract
Add 1 tsp Tea Tree Oil
Optional: Add 1 tsp tumeric powder (optional as IT STAINS EVERYTHING)
Optional: ADD Red Thyme essential oil –DROP into a teaspoon, then add! (USE no more than 3 DROPS <=> Caution, this can burn!)
Keep warm, stir until clear and alcohol evaporates, about 10 minutes.Retest the salve consistency by cooling drops on plate. If ingredients have thinned the consistency, add more shavings of beewax, retest.
Pour directly into clean TOTALLY DRY jars with wide mouths
to allow finger application. Let cool completely before placing lids.

Copyright 2009 – 2016 ongoing

PS Get herbs from best source you can find.
This paper is something written and sent around to all parents and caregivers of my groups of children in Fall when the buildings get closed up and not enough fresh air. I paste it inside cabinet door in bathrooms and give it to people who carpool, take public transport…
All of this information is copyleft and my PERSONAL OPINIONS. Not to be considered as medical advice, just home economics “how-to”.

PS Some Chinese people who have listened/read the above say: Oh very good health ideas but I just take YIN CHAIO and get better in
very few days.

DIGESTION: Beer Bellies, POT Bellies and NIGHTSHADES Mar16

Please hEAR what’s being said below, and realize NO ONE is going to ask you for MONEY. Descriptions are provided to allow people to understand what is happening. If you dont agree with things below, IGNORE what is IGNORANT.

Health tips and topics <===>
DIGESTION = process that breaks foods down
STABILIZER = substance that keeps food from changing
PRESERVATIVE = substance that keeps uneaten food from spoiling
FERMENTATION = process that opens foods facilitating digestion
PRObiotic = gives body what is needed for healthy digestion
RAW = produced by nature and not heated except by sun ripening
NIGHTSHADE = plants NOT EATEN by any animal, but ripe fruits eaten by some.
BEER Bellies = Overall shape would fit into a keg. Thick neck round stiff arms and usually thick thighs that press together, with naval being the largest measurement. Hard-working, likes BBQ and beer, likely tobacco user.
April 2016 note: HOPS is a strong source of estrogen. Too much estrogen causes health problems in men, notably erectile dysfunction.

POT Bellies = below the naval, stick out almost like a shelf, and appear quite firm, as if it could be POPPED by a pin. Chest is thin, arms too, and person is stressed by body ailments, even MORE likely to be a tobacco user.

There are several ways to start learning what is happening to you. You can make these inexpensive raw vegetables, and eat them all month. Or you could begin by removing every food that has any of the NIGHTSHADE plants listed.
If you feel MUCH better in a month, then when you eat a big meal of your favorite food and feel sick again, YOUR BODY WILL KNOW something.
TOMATO sauces with NO OIL strip fat off frying pans
POTATO When any potato dries up and starts little bumps, or GREEN coloring, it is a PLANT again and is very bitter and poisonous.
EGGPLANT When opened, if seed pods are formed it is over ripe, do not eat.
PEPPERS Putting Peppers in everything masks the bland /dull taste of poor foods. SPICES as an ingredient means at least PAPRIKA for coloring, or cayenne, and may be grown anywhere in the world of unknown quality.
All four of the above plants are NIGHTSHADES. USA people mostly from Northern Europe while ALL PEPPERS n nightshades from SOUTH AMERICA.
AVOID every source of this for four weeks. At the same time, try this super-mineralized version of salt-brining vegetables. Start eating at least one teaspoon as you clean up the bowl when you make it. Eat a teaspoon every day. A few tablespoons or more of salt-brined veggies daily — or twice a day, have had results for some, while only sips of liquid have been beneficial for very ill people, or those recovering from surgery or anti-biotics.

PLEASE NOTE: The most poisonous form of NIGHTSHADE is the tobacco plant.
If you do the above cleanses, aka the nightshade avoidance and the salt-brined veggies, your intestinal strength will be much improved.
Notes: Handling garden plants or smoking tobacco in your garden can cause tobacco mosaic mold patterns on leaves in certain climatic conditions.
POLLEN from Tobacco can also do this, so dont raise tobacco in vegetable gardens.
WHAT NIGHTSHADES DO in the body cavity is dissolve healthy delicate fat that keeps the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs “cushioned in their place” Then when there is alcohol use, causing slack non-elastic intestines, and the organs pull down, then a POT Belly might tell what is going on. The heavy upper organs, no longer held in place, press down on the intestines.

Beer Bellies are from the fermentation of the grains and the yeasts. The actual stomach is enlarged and fills the inside, causing pressure on internal organs. Eating breads with common yeasts with beer can be even more harmful.
Try some salt-brined veggies on a cracker with the beer at first. Some people who do not eat breakfast have found a single spoonful with water chaser to be
a great help in supporting daily stamina.

Whatever your belly shape, the addition of salt-brined veggies to the diet will help metabolize outer fat while building muscle mass. Some MEN have lost 10 to 20 inches from their waistlines while NOT LOSING ONE POUND of “weight” WOMEN change dress sizes getting smaller in inches but the scales say the same. The people who see you say
“WOW have you ever lost weight” Just say thank you, cause till it happens to you, you won’t believe this! LOL

aka sauerkraut aka KIMCHI minus Peppers n NAPA cabbage
“How to eat RAW every day”

The ROOT VEGETABLES give you excellent mineralization, which gets absorbed due to increased nutrients, and healthy micro organisms in the intestines. TRILLIONS of times more pro-biotic “culture” than what you get in dairy products like yogurt. Get cultured !!!

Cabbage Slice fine, nothing as thick as 1/4” but not paper thin.
Cauliflower Break up into small florets; half core , then slice fine
Kohlrabi Slice fine
Rutabaga Peel and chunk, then slice fine
Turnip Same as rutabaga, above.
Daicon Radish Half or quarter lengthwise, then slice fine
Red Radish Same as above
Ginger Grate
Shallots Same as above Optional
Scallions Same as above Optional
Carrots Cut lengthwise, then slice fine. Optional
Kale Three or four large leaves with stems.
Turmeric Grate after peeling rough spots Optional <=> stains clothing
SALT – – 2-3 Tablespoons seasalt per 5 pounds of vegetables. Never use table salt or iodized salt.

Sprinkle seasalt over prepared raw vegetables. Mix in, squeezing from time to time. This can be called “massaging” the vegetables! When liquid starts to run out, let sit 10-15 minutes and massage again (no more salt).

Then pack into CLEAN gallon jar. I scald the jar – – put in some HOT water and swish rapidly in jar, dump out. When packing, press down firmly every inch or so with fist. Do not use metal, or heavy objects, pressing down with fist is good. This is done with finger tips during the 5 – day fermentation development process. Keep jar in room temperature out of drafts NOT IN DIRECT LIGHT from sun too hot, cover with dark small towel.
Tasting a little bit every day is the best way to “know” when you have come to the level of ferment that you like. I use a nylon stocking over the jar to keep insects etc. out, hold it in place with a rubber band. Nylon is inert and does not damage food. You can press down through the nylon, then retighten. Refrigerate with a lid covering loosely at five days or after the bubbling slows down, whichever comes first. Ferment process never stops, just slows dramatically once it is refrigerated.
Five pounds of vegetables does not quite fill a gallon jar. Sometimes I do three quarts, and eat some freshly wilted. The covered jars in the refrigerator keep for weeks, about two months in my experience. Larger jars keep longer, and of course a crock is a great thing if you are lucky to have one.
NEVER TIGHTEN LIDS ON SALT-BRINED VEGGIES!! NEVER TIGHTEN LIDS… THIS IS AN AEROBIC PROCESS. It is not canning, AIR 100% of the time, even in refrigerator, just like keeping a plain uncooked CABBAGE healthy.
Start with 2-3 pound cabbage, a small well formed cauliflower, and a large kohlrabi (almost never available anywhere!) One each medium sized rutabaga, turnip and daicon. Next a bunch of radishes (If VERY fresh, wash a few cut off leaves well and use them too.) A bunch of scallions too soft in summer time, but maybe a few shallots, and I always grate the ginger or hand mince very small. SAME for TUMERIC. Kale can be any kind, and keeps its flavor when it ferments. TWO leaves KALE per ONE CABBAGE. Carrots are slow to finish so I never use big chunks or thick slices, and only like them very young
and tender.
Rub the seasalt onto the vegetables above, until it is well wilted down, and then just quickly mixing in the ingredients below before packing veggies, as the tumeric dyes them yellow! Of course, gloves are also a choice and the loose food handlers gloves are the most comfortable for this work.
Optional by taste or for medicinal use:
Serrano and/or Cayenne peppers w/o seeds were once a part of this recipe, but I NEVER USE THESE peppers nor ANY NIGHTSHADES ANYMORE. See NIGHTSHADES above.Turmeric, fresh or powdered. Arame seaweed.. Seaweeds and Dulse make ferment slimy under some conditions. Eat them alongside, not ferment them.

The list above is done in order of processing, and in general, I feel at least 50% of any salt-brined vegetables needs to be cabbage family, by weight. Kohlrabi, rutabaga, turnip, daicon should be sliced thin enough to ferment easily. I really prefer nothing thicker than 1/4 inch. I slice them into lengths and then slice in the food processor to make the overall texture like that of a coarse coleslaw, crisp not mushy.
For an understanding of the fermentation process, please get the easy-to-read book WILD FERMENTATIONS by Sandor Ellix Katz at wildfermentation.org It’s a fermented food cookbook, but easy to read and highly educational. My salt-brined veggies have up to 15 vegetables in it sometimes, and you can have that for the vegetable at any meal, and a cup of these veggies has pro-biotic benefits as if you ate 50 cups of yogurt!

Peace and planting,
Stella Jane
All statements are made for Common Knowledge and placed in the public domain. Some health problems can be understood here: COVVHA.org is Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance.
Small topics of interest:
Common Things NOT True = Your body gets replaced every seven years. A “little bit” wont hurt you. My whole family looks the same . EVERYBODY eats Pizza sometimes! This (drink with sugar) is ORGANIC, it’s good for you. And many More….
True your bone marrow gets replaced in 7 yrs, but yr heart in five, lungs in three, and your intestines every two weeks! So cleanse AND pro-biotic your body with super-mineralized salt-brined veggies and notice the results from utilizing more of whatever you are eating. This is a good thing except for sugar. Feeding children empty calories at a very young age can contribute to serious health issues. UNSUPPORTED sugar like drinks can be replaced with water and seasalt snacks, both are healthy and economical!
PLEASE NOTE: early sugar addiction can lead to alcohol use aka very concentrated sugar, with poor teeth and other adverse effects.
The more clean air, the better…. Soooo Avoid using perfumes, scented fabric soap, and fabric softeners. One lungful of lavender live or essential oil can cause a strong allergic reaction….
EAT less sugar and your body odor will improve, skin yeast rashes too. Air NON-SENSE is to be avoided as the original CLEAN AIR is healthy for all of us, plants and animals too.
TOOTHCARE Update: Now there are NO TOOTH products I can use… except GUM FLOSSERS !!! these remove plaque!
Glycerin is not best for teeth, keeps them TOO CLEAN so good bacteria cannot HEAL CAVITIES! NEEM and MYRRH are both NIGHTSHADES… FLUORIDE has no benefits many adverse reactions……SO what I do is ~~>
USE ONE Tablespoon of Coconut CREAM***
MIX with ONE teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt
or any SEASALT never table salt.
***aka WHOLE Coconuts spun with NO OIL removed.

Read up on supplements before taking anything. Consult your doctor before doing anything, but most regular doctors are not taught nutrition, so read information online for other effects besides the ones you WANT to get.

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