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Oregon resident Heads UP re July 2015

APB = ALL Participants Benefit

Message contents: Assorted survival strategies & skills

Dear Oregon residents — we are about to be legal for cannabis in July. MANY will be growing who KNOW NOTHING about the precious weed, and here are a few DANGEROUS things in my opinion, which you will wish to avoid. Do not use plants from people who are inexperienced growers, especially since many backyards are toxic with chemicals before the grow starts. Some “experienced landscapers” use chemicals to grow and may spray NEEM on their plants when they fear mold may happen. *** Please see note on Neem = NIGHTSHADE

Also, as a Permaculture person raising over half my food for over 40 yrs, I believe it is a MISTAKE to put BAT GUANO on our land here, it has micro-organisms from other places where the mosquitoes are yuckky. Grow your OWN bats…. or be sensible and RAISE RABBITS.

BEST TASTING cannabis is ALL ORGANIC WITH WORM COMPOST. No farming is safe using manure from any source that is not known to be clean, as horses, cows and goats are likely given antibiotics and GMO alfalfa …. again …. raise rabbits. Feed rabbits ORCHARD GRASS with NO ALFALFA. Rabbits NEVER need meds nor vaccines. You feed them, you use the manure. NO turning no COMPOSTING. The WORMS do the composting in the garden. Just use it! No making tea for more than a few hours, because microbes live in earth with AIR. Just use it. Recommended up to 20% maximum by volume mixed into top 4-6 ” of soil.

RABBITS love ROSES article Summer 2002 in Permaculture Activist magazine www.PermacultureActivist.net/articles/rabbits.htm

The above report on rabbits is an essential easy way to have all the fertilizer you need all the time with no health side-effects.
Rabbit meat is highest source of ZINC which bonds minerals into our bodies.
Please if anyone disagrees about farming techniques, realize best safety plan is what was done at least 100 years ago, tried and true! ASK QUESTIONS, dont fight with others.



Please share worldwide. The PRIMARY REASON  we MUST GROW CANNABIS and of course HEMP outside is

that the BEES are missing this HUGE FALL POLLEN SOURCE.

Saving bees means planting a succession of plants that will make some pollen available to the hives at all times. When I saw these plants COVERED in BEES Fall 2015, I realized that NOT HAVING HEMP /cannabis widespread for a hundred years has kept bees from having LOTS of Fall pollen.

Hemp and cannabis were growing all around the world less than 100 years ago. Bees were never lacking FALL STORAGE POLLEN. Every field had weeds and beneficial plants between crops.  Mono-cropping has removed all borders. GMO aka Round-up application has killed all plants around the fields. Now BEES do not have the above sources of pollen at ANY TIME of year, and people still take the honey when there is no other source of food for the bees.  These deficits in pollen production are permanent, but zero FALL POLLEN directly caused decrease in vigor of the BEES and is in direct correlation to the suppression of hemp and cannabis.

These MALE CANNABIS PLANTS were LARGER THAN ANY I’d EVER SEEN…. the two males formed a flat pool-table sized canopy, and it was 100% COVERED IN BEES piled three bees deep…. approximately TWO HIVES worth. They were so packed with pollen the top ones were dumping clumps off onto the others in order to fly to the hives. They all headed towards the HIVES. NOT ONE BEE was on or near the two FEMALE plants, which were, of course, HEAVILY WIND POLLINATED by two males less than 10 feet away. Lots of seeds. The female plants are always VERY STICKY as they are wind pollinated.  PS There were NO BEES on female plants.  NO BEES flying around them… because 

BEES do not carry pollen to female plants.

IF there was any other source of pollen, the bees would have been spread out, less frantic.
Every beekeeper might want to tuck a few unwanted MALE cannabis plants in close their hives.  Other uses such as smoking MALE plants do not change your feelings nor sense of time. The honey would likely NOT do that either.  We also do not yet know how that honey might help humans, especially since honey is an antibiotic already!

All gardens need a few hemp and/or cannabis plants. Grow lettuces n small radishes in their shade. The bees are so desperate for food that they chew the pollen sacks open. Grow from seed!  Please everyone grow a few hemp plants! Liberate all the pollen for the bees. 


Sometimes neighbors who are $$$ growers are fearful that POLLEN could ruin their crops! Has anyone actual documentation on this? Interested to see it!
Nothing happens out of control if you know how to use Seeding and using techniques such as ====>POLLEN LIBRARY copyright term and uses <===== and “growing from seed” events needed everywhere! Private aka custom classes available to every license holder. Read license terms under Get MEducated.

Use NVC techniques =non violent communications

Back to the plants:
The varieties I have are likely very LOW THC because my problems are the type that work well with CBD. HAVE NEVER PLAYED the $$$ game here. LICENSING is available to benefit the Feed ALL programs. There is nothing “for sale” here. HOPING the INDUSTRY becomes “seven generations friendly”
WOMEN: get your OMMP /medical marijuana cards and protect your family. Need to learn more? ASK OMMP.

HOME ECONOMICS includes the principals above in use, while you apply CANNING, CHILD CARE, Cooking, Dehydrating, Freezing, Container Kitchen Gardening, plus GREENHOUSE construction concepts YOU can build for under $999. See pix under Feed ALL Children.
Almost all home economics is done via farming collectives NO$$$ approach. We work, we share as agreed, confidential. No corporate structures.
Trade /Barter are IRS taxable terms. So are COUNSEL and CONSULT and COOPERATIVE. Plz do not use them. In a collective, everyone holds their own money, and decides how they will contribute.
APB = ALL Participants Benefit

I have MANY ideas for hemp fabrics in Fabric building especially…. like making roll roofing, grow /create your own NON-TREE yurt or tipi poles. Hemp Archways, Solar steam boilers for creating GRASSWOOD. Copyright process formula and uses descriptions below. Free to USE, NO COMMERCIAL USE without license fees to Feed ALL children.

Regarding Neem = NIGHTSHADE.
if you wish to learn more about the poisonous effects of the Nightshade family: Read this text under FIVE THINGS TO DO WHEN <==> DIGESTION: Beer Bellies, POT Bellies and NIGHTSHADES Mar16
THESE FOODS are potatoes tomatoes, eggplant and peppers! These last are in HUNDREDs of foods listed as “spices” because paprika is a coloring also. ***MOST dangerous: some people spray NEEM on their plants when they fear mold may happen. Correct way is SPRAY a water solution containing food quality sulfur and a tiny bit of dish soap , tiny bit of sesame oil on young, unbudded green plants that are used fresh, not smoked! Then the plants have sulfur systemic, so resist mold forming when in flowering stage a couple months later.
Do not use NEEM at any stage on plants.

As growing conditions for all plants continue to worsen, it is not only FOOD plants that are suffering.

Part of the problem is the FOG created by spraying which has created an artificial canopy around the earth.

Part of the problem is the changes in the Gulf Stream.

Part of the problem is methane buildup.

Removing trees from our planet has caused many problems (one GREAT solution … join TreeSisters.org)

On West Coast NoAmerica the drought and the wildfires combined to create a climate condition not encountered in my 40 years of farming. For weeks there was no dewpoint at dawn, the moisture that rises up from earth and opens the stomata on the leaves and starts the process of photosynthesis.

Look at it this way: LEAVES dried up on the trees. (Not every tree, but look around wherever you are. The fruit in the stores told the tale also.) Green fruit hung on months later, along with the sagging leaves. Late fall now and the leaves are still hanging, and no buds formed.
Trees that look like this have not formed buds. Remedial action is needed, such as early pruning and removal of all dead leaves, which might help the tree form buds once it stops trying to shed leaves, a natural occurrence once fruit is gone.

ALL of the problems result in no UV shielding when the fog is not there.
Plants cannot evolve that fast, and we are losing not only food supply, but wood supply too — trees shade habitat and all.

These three photos show 2015 branches from male and female plants. The purple strip is bark from a stalk, showing how thick and easily peeled off it is.  The smaller green ones are not peeled yet, mostly open tubed young males, which make PIPE STEMS.  ALL this can make baskets, flag handles and wonderful lightweight DRUMSTICKS.   INTERESTED in a business that is NOT selling cannabis?  There are hundreds of great things to make where there is NO COMPETITION as yet.  Get your ideas organized and yer stalks lined up!

Drumsticks flag handles jan16Grasswood Basics jan16Drumsticks peeled jan16

Hemp, cannabis and kenaf all supply fiber MUCH FASTER, up to 17 times as much in one year. Hemp makes PLASTICS far superior to any we get from fossil fuels and with no adverse effects from their manufacture. Stripped and bundled stalks can create lightweight, versatile poles for annual use for farms and garden structures. Want the poles to last longer, then steam them as 2×4’s are created from “raw” lumber from trees.

This process is simple to observe in your kitchen. BOIL for 20 minutes: a one inch thick stalk section of a freshly harvested hemp or cannabis plant. The green or brown bark will come off during boiling. This stripped off bark will dry and can be rewetted to create baskets. The GRASSWOOD stalk can be dried on racks in a warm room, same as 2×4 manufacture, and will stay useful as long as it is kept dry, just like wood. Any stalk left outdoors after harvest will mold and blacken in weeks. Wood and baskets can be “weatherized” by a coating of rancid hempseed oil. Even if growing for fiber, a tremendous amount of seed is produced, which can be fed to stock or pressed for oil uses.

Notes to gardeners: Hemp is planted very closely to make it grow straight up. It’s a difficult weed to get into your garden or pastures! Rabbits deer and goats LOVE cannabis young and green and refuse more than a nibble once it is flowering. A hemp seed by itself can grow a very large sprawling plant which produces seed so it’s good to know how to handle that WOOD if you are planting the seed, besides dry and burn it.  WAIT til we have HEMP STALKS for arches and HEMPCRETE 7times lighter 7x stronger for the building!

These two photos show a 2014 indica stalk NOT boiled left outside. Gray and rotting very much larger than the sativa varieties, which were boiled and peeled and stay fine just like a 2×4 of wood, unless left wet outdoors to rot.

STALK last yr Indica 2015 fresh cut jan16STALK size shape Indica Sativa jan16

Meanwhile there are fewer trees daily and the replanted pines are changing the forest ecosystems and habitats. Anything that can be made from hemp will spare the forests. Certainly yurts and tipi which use up to 24 whole new trees could use bundled hemp stalks, as recycled wood cannot be used due to the structure design.

SOME OBSERVATIONS about how climate can affect our trees and hemp and cannabis <==> These changing conditions can cause errors in our survival patterns. Share this information with those you care about.

Inform and assist those who have fruiting trees to prune early, remove all hanging dead leaves and encourage budding in the dormant tree by a light organic manure application applied OUTSIDE the drip line of the tree. Continue other maintenance, such as regular watering. Even some cannabis plants needed a little spray above the plants, in the air above during extreme dry weather or heavy smoke from forest fires. Sometimes a brief shower UP underneath the canopy will help also. It will be DRY SOON.

All of the above information provided for public use.
Copyright 2016