Plant genetics history basics

Plant genetics basic history aka why your grandchildren may suffer
in the epidemic of HUMAN MUTATIONS caused by GMO foods.

The purpose of the links below is to provide background in history and science so ordinary people can understand what is happening to us and why. Historically, none of the plants developed nor systems studied used genetic modification. THAT REQUIRES A LABORATORY. Observation and selective breeding were the only tools available. No one can tell exactly what will happen now, since all creatures eating GMO corrupted food substitutes have had their genes changed. Changed – different – modified = all the same thing to genes, which do not have brains nor make decisions!

Here’s a current article about Luther Burbank, who developed the Russett Burbank potato and the Santa Rosa Plum, and much more.

What Luther Burbank knew as he began his work was the work of Johann Mendel. Gregor Johann Mendel , born in 1822, was a German-speaking Silesian scientist and Augustinian friar who gained posthumous fame as the founder of the new science of genetics. He had became a monk because it enabled him to obtain an education without having to pay for it himself.

Mendel demonstrated that the inheritance of certain traits in pea plants follows particular patterns, now referred to as the laws of Mendelian inheritance. The profound significance of Mendel’s work was not recognized until the turn of the 20th century, when the independent rediscovery of these laws initiated the modern science of genetics.

With the work of Luther Burbank known and the understanding of how genetics work in plants, the next big breakthrough was the work of Soil Microbiologist Elaine Ingham. She established that the same microbes were to be found worldwide wherever the same conditions existed, such as deserts, marshes, deep forests.

So three people followed their instincts to learn in the laboratory of LIFE. This is a learned skill that all our ancestors practiced. PLANT SPIRIT HEALING by Pam Montgomery explores this with others who have learned how to “hear” or “see” or “feel” plants. Whether some believe or follow any of this, the fact is that the body of knowledge is being completely /complexly interwoven by the planetary will to live. The largest living creature is mycelia, the underground tree that grows mushrooms on top of the soil, and many are miles across.

FAST FORWARD to your dinner plate….. our bodies cannot digest any single thing that was not digested by our way back ancestors. There are NO MEDICINES, only FOODS, MINERALS (way lacking in USA people) and healing modalities. Culture is the name for our inside microbes and our social interactions. Once humans /any animal have any gene in their bodies “modified” it changes the whole ballpark folks. Take a look at rats + gmo + all the lies. Whatever details you read there may hide the truth in 2014….

In the 1990’s any heritage poultry purchased from a hatchery was a good investment, producing eggs and meat for several years on pasture and common “scratch” feed which was corn, milo or millet, wheat and or oats. In the past ten years, only 50 % of young birds purchased survive to reproductive age / adulthood even if fed organic with correct sanitation and environmental conditions from day-old birds. When processed, random organs are mutated, with livers rarely in any condition but diseased. Many birds have mis-routed circulatory system or crooked interior shape, lungs or heart shapes that never existed before. Meanwhile, same organic food, same conditions for birds raised from parents that were raised all organic for generations continue to have great hatching rates, and produce strong stock. This is the control group for field scientists.

In rabbits, which are vegan grass eaters like goats and deer, there is much more variety of mutation than just simple tumors. CORN is a grass which they might eat as a sprout. None of these animals eat corn seed in its natural whole state. Ground up in their feed, they have no choice but to ingest it. RATS however, like humans, are omnivores and can digest seeds grains meat to create protein building blocks for our bodies. The rats study which showed mutated feed disproportionately affects females at onset of adulthood is true because the entire inside of the lower belly is full of reproductive tissue in a female, and the modified circulatory structuring fails to develop the tissue properly, noticable in females at age 3 – 6 months in poultry and rabbits. This corresponds to ovary development in humans age 11- 14.
Ovaries and other organs grow onto the spinal structure. **********
See PS below for likely reason why.
In males rabbits tire easily and can have short legs that curve out, fused hindquarters, bifurcated intestines, and both sexes show segmented lungs and enlarged weakened hearts, lethargy, and miniature or half sized reproductive organs and more.

When two rabbits cross that BOTH have a genetic residue of gmo corn, then often an entire litter does not survive…. at birth, or die off one after another, with perhaps ONE surviving. The doe is exhausted and does not often re-breed. Healthy rabbits can breed through the late fall and again in early spring, with litters of 8 and ten, fat healthy and 3 lbs at 12 weeks. Female rabbit weighs 10-12 pounds, produces 24 – 30 pounds of clean meat 3 – 5 times a year. Anything that messes up a rabbit is messed up indeed! See USDA links to meat comparison studies. So there is a lot of mis-information and scare stories abounding. Fish are irradiated (isn’t EVERYTHING not just fish?) but scientists explain the increase is the same as when a human goes on a trans-oceanic flight. If you are healthy with great food maybe your cancer rates make salmon an ok choice. NO ONE KNOWS any of this stuff for sure…. and perilously LITTLE is tested, as evidenced by recent studies showing fever-reducing “medicines” used for childhood fevers included by vaccinations, have caused the autism epidemic. Dr Bruce Lipton has best scientific presentation of genes. WOMEN must study genes and learn how to repair what has been done.

Because FIVE GENERATIONS of rabbits can be observed in a year, and humans take 20 years, it is anyone’s guess what will happen when people who were eggs inside a child fed these corrupted food substitutes ….when two of these humans reproduce, and their children. My guess is that the third cross will produce 100% flawed mammals of any species. My hope is to mount an awareness program to prevent the suffering of all beings so damaged. Be sure that easy and thorough genetic testing, counseling and contraception are available to EVERYONE, and of course pure water and good food.

Solution: Feed ALL children Educate ALL people how to care for themselves. RABBITS = SUPERgardens rabbitsNEVERuseANTIbiotics
Identical feed for one pound of beef PRODUCES SIX POUNDS of rabbit.
We can Feed ALL children for ONE MILLION of each ONE BILLION spent killing /controlling others.

PS REPRODUCE means to make another one the SAME AS the one. Damage happens in the egg stage…, none live to reproductive abilities.
MANY stay alive in various states.
Flaws are 100% RAN-DUMB.

PS To understand WHY and HOW the corrupted food substitutes ruin our bodies,
view video / read the book by Dr. Bruce Lipton BIOLOGY of BELIEF

Genes cannot change without a SIGNAL from the environment. Scientists
had the basics WRONG. thinking that the NUCLEUS was the control center.
It will take 10 yrs to get into textbooks meanwhile we have a problem Houston!
How-to raise rabbits and gardens!
Rabbits love Roses …and other rabbit research
And why you might raise rabbits even if you are vegan
WHY to raise rabbits, short form: If a cow could match rabbit production then a yearling heifer would produce NINE ADULT COWS by the end of the year instead of a single 3 month old calf. COWS and RABBITS eat same foods!
RABBIT MANURE needs no composting, can be stirred into garden topsoil.
COW MANURE cannot be used unless organic, as it contains antibiotic residue and Rounnd up residue which affects the garden growth cycles.

TEACH CHILDREN to raise rabbits…. give them
good survival skills 4 the 7 generations !
x0*J we are blest IMHOO in my humble opinion AND observation

PS With 30 yr raising all my meat and over half all food, here’s how I deal with it. Best to FEED all livestock organic feed from day one. I dont eat the ORGAN MEATS of creatures raised from GMO-fed parents nor do I boil down soup bones from meat if the source parents were fed the corrupted food substitutes. I never eat any livers when they are jaundiced, a fancy word for rotting, and almost all livers are in GMO fed animals. The meat seems good quality to eat but it aint grade A from truly vigorous stock! Another note: Avoid skins in vegetables fruits and meats due to radiation, which sticks in fat.
PLEASE DO NOT be feeding anything non-organic to children!! Too expensive you say? The diseases cause the taxpayers money and are criminal against children. Visit Read their list of damages in the second generation of Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance.

PS Could not a “percent of damage” grid be placed on every food or supplement package, from clinical studies that MUST be funded by anyone/ business using ANY SUBSTANCE in any food. Why does white bread have a bleach called ALLOXAN which has been used in diabetes induction in studies on rats? Why does bacon have nitrites in it, known to cause all sorts of health problems. TASTE /FEEL the difference! ANY SUBSTANCE not known /tested to be beneficial should be TAXED and NOTED on products. KNOWN HARM AGENTS must be banned — MSG Aluminum etc. The diseases cause the taxpayers money and are criminal against children. Make laws against substances and processes that are harmful. Come on — if CANNABIS can be illegal, let’s make MSG illegal for 20 years. Make aluminum cans illegal, BSP plastic…. choose YOUR FAVORITE yucky food contaminant and GO!

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